We all have to start at the beginning and feeling nervous is perfectly normal. Our classes aim to boost confidence and improve dancing ability together with developing an understanding of rhythm and technique in a friendly and supportive group environment.

What Dancers Are Saying...

"I am so proud of myself and the progress I am making, look forward to Thursdays now every week."

"Wish I had started learning to Social Dance years ago. rather than wasting so many hours in the pub. Love the various dances and the music is great."

"The kindness and patience you have shown me as a newbie learning the steps has been exemplary. I enjoy it tremendously, it has lifted my spirits and is certainly 'medicine for the soul."

"Alison is our favourite dance tutor, a fabulous, caring personality which is why the lessons, socials and dance weekends are so enjoyable. Our friends are amazed at the progress we have made as beginners and the confidence we now have on the dance floor. We love it!!"

"Alison is not only a fantastic Dance Host, she is in an excellent teacher, patient, supportive and attentive, ensuring all lessons are very productive, fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Her team provide great observations and assistance."

"Having watched Strictly, I have always wanted to dance. After attending just one lesson, I was able to participate in the socials and that was a great feeling, a real confidence boost. Alison is an excellent teacher, breaking steps down very clearly so I was able to pick it up very quickly."

"The tuition is excellent, no need to feel nervous or apprehensive and suitable for solo dancers as a partner is usually available. I have been dancing a few years but after lockdown needed the dances refreshing and Alison and her team certainly came to the rescue, observing, assisting and re-building my confidence."

New Beginners Classes Starting in May

Quickstep, Salsa, Jive and Bachata. Solo Dancers are most welcome. Come and learn how to #lovelifeonthedancefloor. Classes available at Accrington and Swinton - click on the glitter balls for more details.
Our classes are structured around learning Ballroom and Latin styled Sequence Dances that will have you dancing confidently around the room at Social dances.  We highly recommend attending regularly at the beginning to improve your learning process.  Take advantage of our special offer for new learners, which can be found in details of the classes below.


We have classes for those people who are keen to learn despite thinking they have two left feet and we have classes for more experienced dancers who want to brush up on popular dances and learn some of the modern sequences along the way. DENW look forward to playing a part in assisting you on your dancing journey.


Sometimes you may just want to brush up on a certain sequence dance, we will certainly have you dancing it with confidence and enjoying life on the dance floor, meeting with friends and experiencing all the health benefits that dancing brings to your general wellbeing.

Solo Latin Classes:

If you would prefer to dance without a partner, then our Solo Latin Classes would be more suitable, find out more here.