We all have to start at the beginning, and feeling nervous is perfectly normal. Our classes aim to boost confidence and improve dancing ability together with developing an understanding of rhythm and technique in a friendly and supportive group environment.
Whether you learn with us at Accrington or Swinton, we want you to have the best learning and social dance experience, and whilst learning the best thing you can do is ‘keep dancing’. Our unique, structured ‘learn and practice’ programmes support you on your dancing journey. Available for both Beginners and Improvers our 10 week programmes are great value for money.
Our NEW 'class and social learning programmes' help you do just that. Not only because it gives the class a better structure and therefore helps the class to learn at a similar pace. It also helps you monitor your progress over a set period of time.
Details of our 10 week learning programmes for beginners and improvers can be found BELOW.
Please visit our Welcome Night page for information on our FREE taster sessions and FREE social dance admission when you ‘bring a friend’.

What Dancers Are Saying About Our Programmes...

"Exceptional teaching, support and patience. We have made real progress. Brilliant."

"10 fabulous weeks. Excellent tuition. Fantastic music. Great atmosphere. Everyone feels so welcome, made some lovely new friends."

"The 10 week course has been really useful and the social side is excellent."

"Enjoy every minute of every class, every week. Great atmosphere at the social."

"Fantastic 10 week course for beginners to settle in to Social Dancing. Brilliant Team. Fun, friendly atmosphere which makes for a great social night."

"I have learned so much in the 10 weeks, really enjoyed it especially as Ballroom dancing does not come easy to me."

Our classes are structured around learning Ballroom and Latin styled Sequence Dances that will have you dancing confidently around the room at Social dances.  We highly recommend attending regularly to improve your learning process.  Be sure to join us on our Welcome Evenings available at both Accrington and Swinton.

Dance Workshops

90 minutes classes hosted by Alison Park and the DENW Tuition Team with excellent Guest Teachers willing to share valuable experience and knowledge to assist with style, timing and technique, all of which is useful to enjoy and improve your sequence dancing.
The next workshop is on the Foxtrot.
Saturday 7th October at Pop Club, Accrington 2 till 3.30pm, £14.50pp
Sunday 8th October at Swinton Masonic Hall 3 till 4.30pm, £14.50pp
For more details please click on the Workshop Glitter Ball.

Beginners 10 Week Programme:

Our 10 week programs are perfect for those people who are keen to learn despite thinking they have two left feet. We will focus on rhythm, covering different dance styles and learning new dances within in each program. Click on the glitter balls to find & book the classes!
Booking on the 10 week ‘learning and practice programme’ INCLUDES 1 x FREE class and HALF PRICE admission to the social dances on the same evening, enabling you to practice what you have learnt.
This saves an incredible £40.00 when you book the 10 week programme @£85 per person.
Beginners Classes are Mondays at Accrington, Thursdays at Swinton Singles most welcome.
ACCRINGTON program dates are Mon 22nd Jan – Mon 25th Mar 2024, 6.45pm – 7.45pm
SWINTON program dates are Thurs 25th Jan - Thurs 28th Mar 2024, 7pm – 7.45pm.
You can attend classes on a PAYG basis, however we highly recommend joining us at the beginning of each new learn and practice programme to receive the best learning experience.

Improvers 10 Week Programme:

Our popular refresher and improver classes are back before our Social Dance evenings. Click on the Glitter balls to find & book the classes!
Booking on the 10 week ‘class and social programme’ INCLUDES 1 x FREE class and a reduction in the Social Dance admission price each week.
This saves an incredible £30.00 when you book the class and social programme @£85 per person.
Improvers Classes are Wednesdays at Accrington and Sundays at Swinton. Solo Dancers most welcome.
ACCRINGTON program dates are Wed 24th Jan - Wed 2nd Apr 2024, 7.00pm – 7.45pm (no class Wed 14th Feb due to Valentines Dance)
SWINTON program dates are Sun 21st Jan – Sun 31st Mar 2024 7.00pm – 7.45pm. (No class Sunday 11th Feb due to Valentines Ball)
You can attend classes on a PAYG basis, however we highly recommend joining us at the beginning of each new learn and practice programme to receive the best learning experience.

Solo Latin Classes:

Solo Latin Class starts Thurs 28th Sep - Thurs 30th Nov, 6.00pm – 7.00pm.
Booking on the 10 week Solo Latin Class programme INCLUDES 1 x FREE class @£50 per person.
Currently this class is available only at Swinton on a Thursday. Great tunes, lovely class, fun routines! Don't feel nervous about coming on your own. Come and join us with your friends on a Welcome Night to learn more.

What Dancers say about our Solo Latin Class...

Love the variety and the way you break down the dances so we can learn them so easily

I can't believe I am dancing! I have always struggled with my balance and co-ordination, but now I have much more confidence. Thank you

We look forward to this class every week, we are so disappointed if we have to miss