celtic royal front

DENW Weekend Dance Breaks are held in hotels selected for their quality of comfort, style, honest to goodness food and friendly staff who focus on service with a smile. The location will offer nearby shopping,  accessible walks and various additional activities such as castles, canals, golf. (activities will vary depending on the location)

All our weekends away include the following

  • Check in Welcome from the DENW team between 3-4pm
  • 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast
  • 2 nights social dancing, primarily popular sequence
  • Saturday morning sequence dance workshop with morning tea and coffee
  • Evening Meet and Greet at the Bar

A non-refundable deposit reserves your room at the hotel. Payment by  cheque, online payments through the secure paypal service or electronic bank transfer and simply good old cash, are all very acceptable.

We also offer an Easy Pay Scheme of 5 equal, monthly payments to help you pay the balance.

For more information about our weekends in 2018, prices and details on how to book, simply click on the links below. Thank you

The Celtic Royal Hotel, Caernarfon May 2018

The Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton Sept 2018