Solo Dancers

Our Monday Night Beginners is a vibrant mix of couples and solo dancers. Visit our Welcome Night Page for information about FREE taster sessions
We appreciate how difficult it can be to turn up to a dance or class on your own. We are blessed with already having a friendly community of solo dancers along with our DENW Dance Hosts who will guide you with dances you may be unfamiliar with, at the socials and on our dance weekends. Our aim is always to make you feel comfortable and encourage you to join in at all dance classes and events.

What attending our Social Dances means to solo dancers:

"DENW dances are well known for giving a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. As a solo male dancer, I find them fun, great exercise and a super way of meeting new friends. Alison and her team ensured I was welcomed and included from the first moment I stepped in to the room. It's a joy to be dancing, listening and sometimes singing along to the music. Dancing with DENW is a highlight for the weekly Social Dance Calendar."

"As a female solo dancer wanting to learn to dance, I was apprehensive about going to DENW, but I needn't have been. Alison and her team are very welcoming as are the other dancers. You get plenty of help and encouragement at the classes and the dances, together with a great social life. Brilliant!!"

"As a solo male dancer, dancing with DENW turned my life around after my very first visit. COVID has brought a change to everyone’s lives and the DENW team have helped restore a sense of normality to the dancers. A message of thanks to you all, for making us feel safe and welcome, we are very grateful to you for making the dance evenings feel so special and the dance weekends such incredible fun. It has been such a pleasure to make acquaintances with all of you."

"I am a solo female dancer who has been dancing with DENW for about 7 years. Dancing changed my life. We've all been there at the very beginning and everybody has to learn the basics. At DENW the social dancers are friendly people and we welcome any new faces. We'll help you get around the dance floor and you don't have to feel embarrassed if you make a mistake. That's the fun part. so don't take it too seriously and you'll have a good time. Why not give dancing a try? You never know, it might change your life too!"

Our Social dances take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Poplar Club, Accrington and Thursdays and Sundays at Swinton Masonic Hall.
We already have an active Solo Dance Community, in to which you will be very welcomed when you are ready to come and enjoy loving life on the dance floor.